Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cyrano de Bergerac: a quick study

Since my English teacher introduced me to this wonderful play, Ive done some farther reading on it. and Ive decided to share it with you.
first the play it self:
although we used a slightly different translation, this is similar enough that i won't feel guilty for recommending it heartily.
(Wold Newton Alert: in the first act D'Artagnan, hero of the three musketeers, appears. in the fourth act the plot of The Three Musketeers is referenced.)
The 1950 movie:
excellent! I can't believe how much fun this movie is. as a plus the ending is a bit more noble for Cyrano. The actors did a great job with this, all of them were clearly having a great time in production. Also Jose Ferrar is now who I think of when I think of Cyrano.
The 1650 novel by...Cyrano Himself!?!?:
this one is just weird, I don't really know what to do with it. In it Cyrano travels to the moon and finds people from the Bible and some other stuff the makes even less sense.
I'm only halfway through and had to give it a rest because of how weird it was.
So that's that, I ran through most of the Cyrano stuff i know of, avoiding the Shadowmen story because i have not yet read it, so i hope you enjoy it!

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