Saturday, June 20, 2009

Repairman Jack morns King Kong

In the new F. Paul Wilson short story collection, Aftershock and Others, are some pretty interesting Wold Newton related stories. First up "Interlude At Duane's"
This is apparently a Repairman Jack story. From what I've gleaned online, Jack is an investigator of Cthulhuoid horrors, though nothing along those lines has anything to do with this story.
But what this story does have is a very solid connection to King Kong, easily bringing this story (if not the whole of Repairman Jack) into the newtonverse.
Here's the paragraph:

"He felt naked. Had to leave his trusty Glock and backup home today because of his annual trip to the Empire State Building. He'd designated April 19th King Kong Day. Every year he made a pilgrimage to the observation deck to leave a little wreath in memory to the Big Guy. The Major drawback to the outing was the metal detector everyone had to pass through before heading upstairs. That meant no heat."

James B.

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