Thursday, July 23, 2009

House of the Wolf Man

Enough Said.

James B.


  1. This looks great. Lets hope the finished product lives up to the trailer. Thus far, it appears to be a spot-on re-creation of the classic Universal monster-fests of the forties.

  2. Very true.
    Did you notice that the stairway that the Wolfman runs up is a recreation of the castle from RKO's The Most Dangerious Game.


  3. On a related note (or two related notes for your fine blog), Marc Briatack and Michael McQuarry’s delightfully tongue-in-cheek indie offering, FU MANCHU’S WEAPON OF EVIL is nearing completion and should be available for viewing on Youtube in a few weeks. This is an impressive non-profit effort. A nice resume-builder and labor of love for the talents involved. Having perused Briatack and McQuarry’s planned pulp art book on Sax Rohmer’s infamous villain, I am greatly looking forward to this. This should join Ron Chaney’s HOUSE OF THE WOLF MAN as the most anticipated genre fan film of the year.