Saturday, October 17, 2009

Writing Update 10/17/09

I feel too sick at the moment to actually write, so I figured I should post some kind of update on my writng.
My novel is going smoothly dispite some problems with plotting. I hope to be finished by Christmas. This is a dream novel to be working on; each new problem just makes the work better.

I'm working on a major licenced short story, the research of which is going well. The hardest part is copying the style of the author who lefft this unfinished--but I've read enough of his work that it's not too much of a challenge to attempt his style.

A short story about a certain Lord of the Jungle finding himself shipwrecked on an island known for producing dinosaurs and giant apes. I'm aiming for publication in a future volume of the Lofficiers execelent Tales of the Shadowmen anthologies.
(Three pages of a projected 30 are complete.)

Also: A short story taking place in the present day where a very liberal public defender (To make a joke: Is there any other kind?) has a very personal encounter with some Lovecraftian things while working on his current case.
(Zero pages completed out of a projected eight-or-ten.)

Bonus A: I'm considering, when I finish my current projects, submitting a novel to Pulp Press. They're currently running an open call on 23,000 word action novels, so it sounds right up my alley.

Bonus B: A short novel titled "The Electric Demon." This tale features Doc Savage--in a fight for his life against the insane Doctor James Caliban, Monk and Ham--trapped in the Africian caves of the Unknown Nine, and, Fu Manchu--facing such foes as even his wicked mind could not dream.
The main reason this story is not yet complete is that I am working on this story as part of my school's Creative Writing class. (One page complete out of a projected 60.)

James Bojaciuk

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