Saturday, April 18, 2009

Letters from Fictional Characters, Volume 1

Recently I sent a e-mail to the House of Sinanju at I got reply thats illuminating to Wold Newtonian studys
For those not in the know the House of Sinanju is from the long running adventure novel series: The Destroyer.
As almost always a good summary can be found at Wikipedia
An e-text of a Destroyer short story can be found at Just like the old pulps.

In my email I commented on how much I enjoyed the books and that I hoped a new publisher would be found soon. At the end though I added a quick question asking if Chiun had asulted Sherlock Holmes.
This comes from the from First, the Destroyer novel #83 Skull duggery where Chiun comments that he worked for Fu Manchu.
Secondly the Fu Manchu novel Ten Years Beyond Baker Street. Which, to the best of my knowledge is the only time in the entire Fu Manchu saga where a Korean is among Fu Manchu's agents. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Out of the email I got the first half was James Mullaney thanking me for my support.
the second half on the other hand:

p.s. From Chiun: Your correspondent asks if the Master ever encountered Sherlock Holmes. I have concluded that this letter writer must be American, for only an American would conflate fiction and reality. For all of you products of the American educational system within the sound of my voice: Sherlock Holmes is fictional, I am real, therefore we have not and can never meet. Fictional characters do not and cannot interact with real ones. You may thank the Master now for he has done you a service by explaining that which the sane parts of the world understand. Go back now to your sofas and remote controls, safe in the knowledge that Yogi Bear, Roger Rabbit and Nancy Pelosi will never leap out of your television screen and maul you in your sleep.

With moderate tolerance for you,

Chiun, Master of Sinanju Emeritus

Okay, since Chiun denies ever meeting Sherlock Holmes (or that he was even a real person) we must assume that Chiun was employed in an unrecorded Fu Manchu adventue. Or that he lied, his published exploits don't exactly show a trustworthy person to say the least.

James Bojaciuk

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