Friday, April 17, 2009

The Evil in Pemberley House, Pre-ordered!

I pre-ordered this from Amazon last night.
This is only the third book I've seen that I had to not only buy, but pre-order as soon as I possibly could.
I can't wait for this.



  1. You rock, thanks James. :-)

    Of course, the limited edition (with bonus materials) is available for pre-order direct from Subterranean Press, but I realize that may be a bit much for some folks in these recessionary times.

    I appreciate the support!


  2. Win,
    You are more than welcome.
    I make of habit of buying every book that a particular author I like puts out. You happen to be on that list.
    Because I'd rather see my favorite writers writing what they write well (and have fun doing) than writing porn advertisements in Malaysia.
    But really, I should be thanking you for all the hours of Fun you've given me and my friends.

    James B.